Top official: Heydar Aliyev chose most perfect path – path of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic's development (UPDATE 3)

Politics Materials 7 May 2018 16:32 (UTC +04:00)

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Baku, Azerbaijan, May 7


Having come to lead the country, Azerbaijan’s national leader Heydar Aliyev chose the most perfect path - the path of development determined by the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Azerbaijani President’s Assistant for Public and Political Affairs Ali Hasanov said.

Hasanov made the remarks in Baku on May 7 at the scientific and practical conference entitled "Heydar Aliyev and concept of Azerbaijan’s development" organized by the Council on State Support for NGOs under the president of Azerbaijan.

"For the first time, Azerbaijani authorities began to see NGOs as partners during the period of Heydar Aliyev's leadership. As a result, the Council of State Support for Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of Azerbaijan was established. Today, the council continues to successfully operate," Hasanov said.

Hasanov further noted that Heydar Aliyev's memory lives in the heart of every Azerbaijani, who loves his people.

He said that the mission of saving the Azerbaijani state in 1993 stands in the forefront of the merits of national leader Heydar Aliyev for the Azerbaijani people.

Hasanov reminded that the country annually marks the National Salvation Day on June 15.

"Heydar Aliyev saved the Azerbaijani state from the real threat of destruction. This rescue mission is linked with the name of the great leader. When in 1993, upon his return to Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev began to carry out this mission, there was a civil war in the country," Hasanov said.

He noted that the situation was very difficult, and people, who seized power at that time and who called themselves politicians, were in charge.

He emphasized that one of the merits of national leader Heydar Aliyev is creation of the national unity of citizens, which predetermined the future of the Azerbaijani state. Therefore, the country's development is based on stability, which is created on basis of the national unity, he said.

"On the day when the national leader returned to power in the country, he said that the main question for each Azerbaijani should not be "What did the state do for me? ", instead the question should be "What can I do for the Motherland?," said Hasanov.

He said that Heydar Aliyev's another great merit was raising the idea of Azerbaijanism to the state level.

"One of the main merits of the national leader was definition and consolidation of directions for Azerbaijan's political and social development in the Constitution. In 1993, Azerbaijan could choose different development models. Heydar Aliyev's authority was so strong that any model he would've chosen, would've been be accepted. He choose the most perfect path - the development path defined by the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR)," Ali Hasanov said.

He went on to say that the New Azerbaijan Party created by Heydar Aliyev plays an important role in Azerbaijan's development.

Azerbaijan created by Heydar Aliyev is one of the leading countries not only in the region but also has influence in the world.

Speaking at the conference, the chairman of the Council of State Support to NGOs under the President of Azerbaijan Azay Guliyev said that the life and activity of national leader Heydar Aliyev is an example of struggle and triumph for Azerbaijanis.

He went on to add that strategic issue of national importance is to analyze work done by the great leader in the field of building an independent state, convey it to the masses, for the future generations.

Quliyev said that Heydar Aliyev is a rare historical person who was able to realize concept of nation-building.

“Heydar Aliyev was establishing a new Constitution formed civilized, democratic, multi-party state system and made invaluable contribution in the development of civil society in the country, expanded the possibilities of Azerbaijani authoritative international organizations”.

Quliyev noted that the nation-building started by national leader Heydar Aliyev continues by Ilham Aliyev, who guarantees the struggle for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, development, prosperity, welfare.

Then a short documentary on Heydar Aliyev was presented.

Rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Azerbaijan, academician Urkhan Alekberova made a presentation on the "Heydar Aliyev, the concept of development of Azerbaijan: Process and results" topic.

Further, songs dedicated to national leader Heydar Aliyev were presented as well.