Destruction of tombstones is another clear example of Armenia's policy to destroy Azerbaijani heritage - MFA (UPDATE-2)

Politics Materials 17 October 2022 11:54 (UTC +04:00)

Details added, first version posted 11:41

BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 17. Video footage showing the destruction of Azerbaijani cemeteries by Armenian radicals has been circulated on social media, Trend reports citing the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry's statement regarding acts of vandalism against Azerbaijani tombstones.

This footage, which shows how vandalism is committed against the graves of Azerbaijanis using offensive language, and how tombstones are destroyed by a truck, is another clear example of Armenia's policy of destroying Azerbaijani heritage pursued over the years.

Armenia not only purposefully destroyed the historical, cultural, and religious heritage that belonged to the Azerbaijanis who historically lived in this territory but also committed unprecedented destruction in Karabakh and adjacent regions, which were under Armenian occupation for almost 30 years.

Historical and religious monuments were destroyed, and acts of vandalism against cemeteries were carried out, thereby Armenia tried to completely erase the traces of Azerbaijanis from these territories. Facts were collected and presented to international organizations regarding the illegal actions committed by Armenia, including acts of urbicide, ecocide, and culturecide.

"Armenians who illegally settled on the territory of Azerbaijan also caused damage to infrastructure, monuments, and the environment, leaving the territory after the end of hostilities. The relevant structures of Armenia still haven't taken any steps to prevent these hate crimes and to punish criminals. The reason for that is that the destruction policy of Azerbaijani heritage is being carried out in Armenia at the state level," the ministry said.

Ministry added that the visit of the UNESCO mission to the region hasn't yet taken place because of Armenia's destructive position, despite the fact that Azerbaijan invited the mission to the region after the liberation of its territories.

"The distributed video footage clearly shows why Armenia isn't interested in the visit of an international mission in the region. These acts of vandalism committed by Armenian radicals are a blow to the process of normalization between the two countries at a fragile post-conflict stage. Azerbaijan collects and documents the facts of large-scale destruction on its liberated territories, and the barbaric actions of the Armenian side and the country is taking appropriate steps to ensure that the Armenian side is responsible for these actions, including for the caused damage. The international community shouldn't be silent about the atrocities committed by Armenia against the heritage not only of Azerbaijan but of all mankind," the ministry stated.