Supreme Commander-in-Chief highly appreciated successes of Azerbaijani army in recent operations - MoD

Politics Materials 1 April 2023 11:40 (UTC +04:00)
Supreme Commander-in-Chief highly appreciated successes of Azerbaijani army in recent operations - MoD

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 1. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief highly appreciates the success of the Azerbaijan Army in recent operations and its professional military personnel, Defense Minister, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov said at an office meeting, Trend reports via the Azerbaijani MoD.

Deputies of the Minister of Defense, Commanders of types of troops, Chiefs of Main Departments, Departments, and Services of the Ministry participated in the meeting. Commanders of the Army Corps and military formations were also involved in the meeting via video teleconference.

First, the memory of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev and Shehids (Martyrs), who sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, as well as the victims of the March 31 – the Day of the Genocide of Azerbaijanis, was honored with observing a minute of silence.

The Minister delivered the tasks set to the Azerbaijan Army by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, thanked the military personnel involved in the planning and execution of the last operations, and the commandos of the Army Corps for their professionalism on behalf of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, and noted that their activities are highly appreciated. He stressed that the local operations carried out in a short period of time are another indicator of the high combat determination of the Azerbaijan Army.

Commenting on the remarks made by those who cannot accept the successful operations of the Azerbaijan Army, the Minister of Defense stressed that nobody can speak to us in menacing tone, saying that the accusations of the servicemen of some countries supporting terrorism and occupation policy are unacceptable and nonsense.

The Minister of Defense analyzed the current operational situation on the Azerbaijani-Armenian conditional state border and in the Karabakh economic region. The Minister gave appropriate instructions to suppress possible provocations hereinafter.

The Azerbaijan Defense Minister noted that all the illegal activities of the opposing side, and the illegal Armenian armed detachments must be kept under constant control from now on, and such steps must not be allowed to be taken in the territory of Azerbaijan in the future.

Colonel General Z. Hasanov emphasized the importance of increasing the intensity of exercises and classes held in conditions close to real combat, as well as improving the methods of effective application of modern weapons and military equipment.

The Minister of Defense once again reminded the importance of strict compliance with safety rules and necessary measures against fire.

The Minister conveyed his recommendations to the command staff on increasing attention and care towards the military personnel, keeping their medical care under strict control in accordance with the seasonal requirements, and especially being sensitive to the adaptation process of newly recruited conscripts.

Noting that the constant improvement of service and combat, social-living conditions of personnel plays an important role in the moral-psychological state of military personnel, as well as in maintaining the fighting spirit at a high level, the Minister gave additional instructions to continue the work done in this field in a planned manner.

In the end, Colonel General Z. Hasanov gave specific instructions on the qualitative implementation of engineering support measures in the liberated territories, as well as in the high grounds and positions newly taken under control.