NGO group appeals to US and European diplomatic missions in Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 24 February 2024 10:32 (UTC +04:00)
NGO group appeals to US and European diplomatic missions in Azerbaijan
Asif Mehman
Asif Mehman
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 24. A group of NGOs has appealed to the diplomatic missions of the US and European countries in Azerbaijan, Trend reports.

The appeal concerns Russia's receipt of sanctioned commodities through Armenia.

"We, as a group of civil society representatives from Azerbaijan, declare that Armenia's phenomenal growth in exports, despite the fact that the country was defeated in the war and is currently experiencing an economic crisis, is yet another example of betrayal to the Ukrainian people and the senselessness of Western countries' sanctions against Russia. Armenia's exports to Russia recently soared by 430 percent. Robin Brooks, the former top economist at the International Monetary Fund, shared these details on his X account.
So why is no one asking how many goods enter and exit Armenia? Why is there no coverage of this in the Western media?" the appeal emphasizes.

The request also states that the commodities carried through Armenia will cause new catastrophes for the Ukrainian people.

"This has had serious ramifications for us throughout history. The Khojaly genocide, the 32nd anniversary of which will be celebrated soon, the Karabakh wars left behind were the result of the support provided to the occupiers..

The European Union, which has pointed its glasses at Azerbaijan, either does not see or chooses not to observe the large-scale activities going on in Armenia.

Addressing the US and European countries, we invite them to consider these crucial facts," the statement says.


Jeyran Azizova - Chairperson of the Public Association Recognition of Khojaly Genocide

Sultan Azimzade - chairman of the January 20 Public Association

Roza Aligizi - chairwoman of the Society of Soldiers' Families Public Association for patriotism propaganda

Rey Kerimoglu - chairman of the Public Association of Mine Victims in Azerbaijan

Vugar Gadirov - chairman of the Public Association Youth Organization for Return and Revival.

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