Azerbaijani Detained Newspaper Journalist to be Transported to Detained Isolator

Society Materials 22 October 2007 15:55

Azerbaijan, Baku / Trend corr. К.Zarbaliyeva / Mirza Sakit, the journalist of the Azerbaijani Azadlig newspaper detained for illegal drug smuggling, was transported from the medical centre to the detention isolator 14.

Mehman Sadigov, the head of the Public Relations Department of the Penal Service at the Justice Ministry of Azerbaijan, said Sakit was transported to the detention isolator on 20 0ctober.

Sadigov denied the information about Sakit launched the hunger strike protesting the transport from medical centre to detained isolator.

Sakit's wife, Rana Zahidova, launched hunger strike due to the information about transporting of her husband to detained isolator.

Sakit was delivered to medical center on 21 July. Sakit has been held hunger strike demanding to create normal conditions for treatment from 8 to 15 July.

Mirza Sakit was charged of the contravening Article 234.1 (illegal keep of drugs) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. Sakit was sentenced to three years in prison. The Appeal and Supreme Courts did not satisfy Sakit's appeal and remained in force the decision made by the first degree of jurisdiction.