Several State bodies and lawyers are awarded the Lawyer of the Year' award

Society Materials 3 April 2006 12:51 (UTC +04:00)

A number of State bodies, lawyers, MPs and mass media bodies were awarded the Lawyer of the Year award. At the Lawyer of the Year award presentation, approved by the Eurasia lawyer association, all winners were awarded diplomas.

The Azerbaijani Minister of Justice, the head of the Judicial-legislative council, Fikret Mammedov was the first winner of the award. The award was also given to the Justice Ministry itself and the Legal Educational Center of the Ministry. The Milli Mejlis vice chairman and the Commission Chairman, Ziyafet Askerov was the second winner. The third award was given to the Attorney Office. The head of the President Apparatus Executive office, Fuad Aleskerov, head of the Milli Mejlis apparatus, Latif Huseynov, Baku State University `s teacher, Rustam Mammedov was also awarded the Lawyer of the Year.

The Milli Mejlis Comission chairman, Rabiyat Aslanova and the ombudsman, Elmira Souleymanova have been awarded for their achievents the area of human rights protection. The President Apparatus Executive office employee, Inam Kerimov, MP, Gultekin Hadjiyeva, Azerbaijani Lawyer Association, the Legal enlightenment Association, The Citizens Labor Rights Protection League, Dilyara Aliyeva `s Women Protection Society, National Azerbaijani Bureau of Human rights Protection, Natavan Rustamova, Adil Ismayilov, the Constitution Investigation Fund and the Authorship Protection Agency have received awards for the educational activities in the legal area.