Ecology Ministry releases salmon fry to Caspian Sea

Society Materials 25 April 2006 18:25 (UTC +04:00)

Department of the renovation and protection of the biological resources of water basins at the ministry of ecology and natural resources is planning to release salmon fry into the Caspian sea in order to enrich the sea fauna. Fry, brought from Gabala and Caykend factories are reared in the net cages installed in the sea water for 5-6 months before they reach 50-60g weight.

After, they are kept in the fish-breeding factory, where they are acclimatized to the sea climate. Finally, they are released into the Sea.

40.000 of salmon fry has been brought in December 2005 with an average weight of 12g. 37.000 of them survived to April 2006 and gained weight of 48. 5g. 90% of fish reached the adult condition and gained silver coloration, which means that they are ready to be released into the sea.