Official: Iran-Denmark economic relations won't be affected by politics

Business Materials 1 November 2018 14:25 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, Nov.1


Iran does not have much of business relations with Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, and if these relations are broken, the two countries will not be affected hard, Hossein Salah-Varzi, vice president of Iran Chamber of Commerce told trend.

In a statement on Wednesday, foreign minister Anders Samuelsen summoned the ambassador of Iran, Mr. Morteza Moradian, to a meeting with the political director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The move took place in reaction to information about illegal activities of an Iranian intelligence agency on Danish soil.

At the meeting, it was also stressed that Denmark is considering further consequences of the matter.

The ministry of Denmark confirmed that his country will push for new EU-wide sanctions against Iran following the suspected assassination attempt.

Several Danish trade delegations were present in Iran after JCPOA and signed memoranda of understanding on agricultural machinery, pharmaceuticals and dairy raw materials, while Danish companies are keen to enter the energy sector, said Salah-Varzi hours after Denmark revealed it has arrested an Iranian over alleged plot to assassinate an Arab opposition figure on Danish soil.

“The last few days developments have become a source of political pressure, and it seems the main purpose is to disrupt the EU's commitment to the JCPOA and Iran's economy, specially the plans for the financial mechanism and money transfer known as “Special Purpose Vehicle”(SPV),” he said.

“According to the talks, the EU must launch a new financial mechanism for Iranian and European companies in the coming days, known as semi-Swift,” said Salah-Varzi.

"However, this political development should not affect economic transactions and business processes, because this mechanism is the EU's commitment."

Iran exported about €10 million worth of commodities to Denmark in 2017, indicating a 37.7% rise compared with the previous year.

Imports of Iran from the European country last year amounted to €250 million, showing an 11% increase year-on-year, based on the latest Eurostat figures

In the first three months of 2018, Denmark received 396 tons of goods worth $1.483 million from Iran.

Imports from Denmark also amounted to 3,909 tons of goods worth $65.562 million.