515 foreigners registered in individual account on social insurance head of Social security fund

Business Materials 24 June 2006 11:21 (UTC +04:00)

The State Social Security Fund (SSSF) registered 515 foreign citizens working in Azerbaijan, so since 1 January 2006 they should make remittances in obligatory social insurance, Salim Muslimov, the chairman of the SSSF, told Trend. They are mainly citizens of Turkey, Russia, inconsiderable number of people from the United States and the UK.for the beginning 515 people is normal figure, as foreigners are mainly involved in oil contracts. The point is that ACG PSA releases only the contractors from payment of social insurance fees, while the issue is still questionable for subcontractors. In other oil contracts it is applied on people in contractor and sub-contractor companies.

We are considering it the context of contracts and definite talks are being conducted on every of them. The talks will reveal the foreign citizens due to pay duties for social insurance. We explain them it is very profitable, while simply the employers, who are to pay 22% of the salary fund. I am not the supporter of differentiation of rates, as we established a unified system for all, Muslimov noted. A process on revealing the taxpayers to remit social payments has been set up, while the registration is underway on other spheres.