Ford takes customer advice on MKX, Edge

Business Materials 23 November 2006 17:00 (UTC +04:00)

(autoinsidernews) - Ford is doing everything it can to perfect its Edge and Lincoln MKX crossover, which the automaker calls its most important product launch of 2006, before the vehicle's debut in dealers. Last week's announcement that Ford would delay the launch of its crossovers to resolve some minor production issues, was just one sign of this. Ford also loaned several pre-production Edges and MKXs to consumers who normally drive Nissan Muranos, Lexus RX 330s or Cadillac SRXs. The purpose: to receive criticism and feedback from the consumers, reports Trend.

According to Dave Pericak, program manager for the Edge and MKX, Ford made several cosmetic fixes, including screening on the lower grille to hide mechanical parts, less reflective color on the center stack , carpeted cover for the spare-tire compartment, and two functional changes that he declined to provide details.

The initiative is just of Ford's realization that it must be more responsive to customer desires. That demonstrates how we're going to become more nimble, Pericak said. We're seeing the results of that, and we were able to pull (those changes) ahead.

In September, Ford recruited Toyota quality expert Kathi Hanley, the automaker handed her an important assignment, take a hard look at the new Ford Edge. In her detailed review, Hanley found more than 70 significant issues and hundreds of minor concerns that could affect the vehicle's reliability.