Azerbaijani Railways Announced Domestic Railway Carriage Figures in January

Business Materials 15 January 2007 20:54 (UTC +04:00)

At present, the daily volume of carrying oil and oil products via the Azerbaijani railways reaches 46 tons, a source in the Azerbaijan State Railway Company informed Trend today. The total volume of the consignment is equal to 60,000 tons per day. Some 758 carriages on average are loaded per day.

In 2006, the Azerbaijani Railways carried about 29.6 mln tons of which 15.7 mln tons is for the transportation of oil and oil products.

In 2006, Azerbaijani Railways carried 5.8 mln passengers. The State Railway Company has overhauled 8.5 km of railways, and carried out repair work on 42 km of railways. In total 3,938 sleepers were renewed. About 56 km railways were cleaned, with some 120 km being refurbished.