LPG-powered vehicles pollute environment less - Azerbaijan's ecology ministry

Oil&Gas Materials 5 January 2021 17:26 (UTC +04:00)
LPG-powered vehicles pollute environment less - Azerbaijan's ecology ministry

BAKU, Azerbaijan Jan. 5


Currently, one of the main sources of air pollution is vehicles, which have an extremely negative impact on the environment, Vasif Aliyev, Deputy Head of the National Hydrometeorology Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan, Trend reports.

“As the economy develops and cities grow, so does the number of vehicles. Traffic congestion on the streets as a result of the increase in the number of vehicles causes persistent air pollution,” Aliyev said.

The amount of pollutants emitted by vehicles into the atmosphere has doubled since 1993, the expert added.

Calculations show that when burning the same amount of gasoline and diesel fuel, the number of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere in diesel fuel is many times higher, he said.

“If during the combustion of one ton of gasoline during the operation of vehicles, 20 kg of nitrogen oxide, 1.6 kg of sulfur dioxide, 34 kg of hydrocarbons, 2 kg of solid particles (soot and others), 1.4 kg of aldehydes (organic acids) are emitted into the air, then the combustion of one ton of diesel fuel releases 33 kg of nitrogen oxide, 6 kg of sulfur dioxide, 20 kg of hydrocarbons, 16 kg of solid particles (soot, structure), 6 kg of aldehydes (organic acids) into the air,” Aliyev said.

The service representative added that the use of compressed gas in the vehicles used by 'Baku Bus' company is commendable, as LPG vehicles are less polluting.