Iran drafts regulation to control water pollution

Iran Materials 18 January 2019 12:00 (UTC +04:00)
Iran has drafted a regulation to control water pollutions and contaminations in big cities specially in Tehran.
Iran drafts regulation to control water pollution

Tehran, Iran, Jan.18


Iran has drafted a regulation to control water pollution and contamination in the big cities, specially in Tehran.

"The regulation is a joint attempt to implement measures in order to reduce the water pollution specially in Tehran and Alborz provinces," Ali Moridi, head of Department of Environment's soil and water office told Trend in an interview.

"The Energy Ministry and Department of Environment has drafted a regulation to control and reduce the water pollution in dams that provide drinking water to Tehran," he added.

"The regulations in this field was started by National Security Council, while other organizations joined the process. The Energy Ministry became responsible for the plan management and the role of Department of Environment is to control the quality of water and reduce the water pollution, specially the industrial contaminations," he said.

Referring to other duties of the Department of Environment, Moridi said the department is responsible for supervising efforts of the Agriculture Ministry in controlling agricultural contaminants from farming and ranches, and observing the Energy Ministry's work in wastewater treatment of cities and villages.

The official noted the work of the department in preserving soil, saying that it has progressed in assigning soil quality management regulations this Iranian year (started on March 21,2018).

"The department has also published an educational book on the subject, that would be used in high schools," he added.