US should talk to Iran as an independent state – majlis speaker

Iran Materials 10 April 2007 17:46 (UTC +04:00)

( IRNA ) - Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel said on Tuesday that the US and other world countries should talk to Iran as an independent state and should stop using the language of force.

Addressing a Majlis open session today, the speaker felicitated Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Iranian nation, its government and scientists on the occasion of the country's major breakthrough to enrich uranium on industrial scale.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced on Monday during his tour of the Natanz nuclear facilities in central Iran, 100 km north of the ancient city of Isfahan, that Iran has attained capability to produce enriched uranium on industrial scale.

"When a nation gains access to a knowledge, no sanction can ever deprive it of that knowledge," stressed the speaker.

He added that using non-fossil resources, nuclear energy in particular, to meet energy demands of countries was increasingly becoming common worldwide.

Criticizing the US double standard policy towards Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, Haddad Adel said "How can the world tolerate such a blatant discriminatory approach?

"The US that is insistently expressing concern over Iran's peaceful nuclear programs, is supplying Israel in the Middle East region with atomic bombs and is continuously producing atomic bombs itself," said the speaker.

He added that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has repeatedly announced that there was no evidence of any deviation by Iran from its civilian nuclear activities towards military purpose.

Referring to the recent comment made by an American official who said the reason behind Washington's opposition to Tehran's peaceful nuclear activities was that US did not trust Iran, Haddad Adel said "what international laws or regulations have ever mentioned that the US trust is the perquisite for implementation of a law?

"There is a recognized mechanism worldwide for confidence building and that is observation of laws and regulations set by the IAEA," argued the speaker, adding "What is exactly meant by saying that US should trust a country?"

Referring to the present nuclear dispute between the West and Iran, Haddad Adel said "The only way out of the problem is to admit that they should talk to Iran as an independent country and should stop using the language of force.

"The only solution to the problem which is made by yourselves is to hold logical talks. Iran is ready to assure you that it has no intention of using its nuclear program for military purposes," stressed the speaker.

He reiterated that Iran's Majlis is the mouthpiece of the Iranian government and nation and that the Majlis supports the stance of the Iranian people and government.

Haddad Adel's remarks were strongly supported by other MPs present in the session.