Armenian Central Election Commission examines widespread reports of violations in parliamentary elections

Armenia Materials 6 May 2012 14:49 (UTC +04:00)

Armenia's Central Election Commission (CEC) examines widespread reports of violations in the parliamentary elections, CEC Chairman Tigran Mukuchyan said on Sunday.

"There are some details that were published in the press, law enforcement agencies are engaged in their clarification," RIA Novosti quoted Mukuchyan as saying.

He said that at a polling station in Gegharkunik province an attempt to record video from the rear of the voting booth was registered, which makes it possible to find out who the voter voted for.

"This individual was summoned to the police, a report was drawn up, and he was forbidden to continue his activities. Circumstances are being clarified," Mukuchyan said.

He refused to name the offender, and the party he was representing.

Mukuchyan said that a message was received which stated that ballot stuffing was committed at a number of polling stations.

"We have already established contact with one of these stations. Chairman of the local election commission told us that they also received this message, and they have reported this to the authorized representatives and agents of all parties and all categorically denied this information," the CEC head said.

Republic-wide parliamentary elections are held in Armenia. According to the data released by police earlier, some 2.5 million Armenians were registered as eligible to vote in the parliamentary elections. Eight parties and one party alliance are participating in the elections.

Among the parties are the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, members of the ruling coalition Prosperous Armenia party and Rule of Law party, opposition Heritage party, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Armenian Communist Party, the Democratic Party of Armenia and the centrist United Armenians party. Election bloc is the opposition Armenian National Congress.

The National Assembly of Armenia consists of 131 deputies (41 deputies are chosen by the majority voter system, and 90 - under the proportional system). To join the National Assembly parties have to overcome the 5 per cent, and blocks - the 7 percent barrier.

Some 647 international observers monitor the parliamentary elections, including from the OSCE / ODIHR, PACE, CIS Interparliamentary Assembly, CIS observation mission, the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES), International expert Center for Electoral Systems (ICES), the European Parliament, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, international organization SILBA, representatives of the embassies and foreign CEC accredited in Armenia.

Armenian CEC has also registered an unprecedented number of local observers - more than 31,000, representing 53 non-governmental organizations.
Some 9,000 policemen are providing security.

Armenian CEC on the basis of the results obtained from the county commissions, will sum up the preliminary results of elections not later than 24 hours after the vote, and announced them in a live broadcast of the Public Television and Radio of Armenia.

The final decision on the election results will be made on the seventh day after the vote.