France's conspiracy in Armenia: ASALA, anti-Semitism and even beyond?

Armenia Materials 4 October 2023 16:25 (UTC +04:00)
France's conspiracy in Armenia: ASALA, anti-Semitism and even beyond?
Maryana Ahmadova
Maryana Ahmadova
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 4. The Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), a terrorist organization, has claimed responsibility for an attack on a synagogue in Yerevan. The barbaric attack on the synagogue was carried out by the youth wing of ASALA. The synagogue was doused with liquid, and windows were smashed. A statement released by ASALA in this regard calls the attack "a successful intimidation operation against the world Jewish center in Yerevan".

"Jews are sworn enemies of Armenia and its people. This is a warning: our successful operation on October 3 in Yerevan is only the beginning. Every rabbi will be on our radar," the terrorist organization said in a statement.

ASALA also threatens war against Israeli Jews in Europe, America, Canada, and Georgia if the Israeli government continues to support Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, Baku will host the biennial Conference of European Rabbis on November 12–15, upon the initiative of President Ilham Aliyev. About 500 rabbis are expected to attend the event. This organization unites more than 700 religious leaders from communities across Europe, making it the main orthodox rabbinical alliance. Founded in 1956, it is dedicated to protecting the rights of Jews in Europe. The conference is expected to focus on religious freedom and issues related to Jewish communities.

As they say, feel the difference. Jews in Azerbaijan have always felt themselves under the protection of the state; they enjoy all the benefits of Azerbaijan's development. Israel and Azerbaijan are comprehensively developing their relations. Whereas in Armenia, as we see, acts of vandalism and Judophobia take place. But France stubbornly does not want to pay attention to all these facts.

Moreover, former and current servicemen (mostly of Armenian origin) of the French Army and employees of French special services are sent to Armenia as instructors. At the same time, ASALA is being rehabilitated on the territory of France under the patronage of French special services, in particular French intelligence. There is information that terrorist training is conducted for future Armenian terrorists in special French schools.

And this is despite the terror committed by Armenian terrorists in the 1970s and 1980s of the last century! They orchestrated terrorist attacks in several French cities. It's worth a lot just to talk about the terrorist incident at Orly Airport! An explosion in front of the Turkish Airlines counter at Orly Airport in Paris occurred on July 15, 1983, when a sizable bag packed with explosives detonated. The immediate death toll was four. There were a total of 55 injuries and 8 fatalities.

How did it end? With French disgrace. The French government and Armenian terrorists reportedly reached a secret agreement in January 1982, according to which the French authorities were to exert pressure on Türkiye regarding the fictitious "Armenian genocide" and to permit Armenian terrorists free access to French airports in exchange for a promise not to carry out terrorist acts on French soil. This agreement was made public by the international press.

Under this agreement, the four Armenian terrorists arrested in 1981 for the attack on the Turkish embassy received lenient sentences, and one of the ASALA leaders, Monte Melkonian, who had been imprisoned, was released. He eventually resurfaced in Karabakh and took part in the killing of Azerbaijani civilians. That was the French shame. That is why Paris, to this day, following that shameful collusion with Armenian terrorists, tries to put pressure on Azerbaijan and protects Armenia, where heinous crimes are committed and where Judeophobia and Azerbaijanophobia flourish.

It is clear that France had its own agenda regarding the Karabakh junta's presence on Azerbaijani territory. The concept dubbed "the second Armenian state" was vigorously supported in Paris. It is driven by the "crusades" strategy and deliberately emphasizes the religious aspect as a "argument" in favor of Armenia.

Moreover, the intelligence and security agencies of Armenia have been completely transferred under the curatorship of France. The process of militarization of Armenia by Paris is underway. ASALA is being revived; radical Armenians in France are being trained and recruited from the Armenian community in Lebanon.

France is preparing Armenia for a long-term terrorist war, especially terrorism against Azerbaijan. Does a country that pursues such a policy of supporting international terrorism in the UN Security Council have a place among the "civilized" states of the world? No, of course not. The current leadership of France has put this country on the same level as the states sponsoring terrorism.