Georgian-Ossetia-Russian Meeting to be Held

Georgia Materials 6 August 2008 18:40 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia, Tbilisi, 6 August /corr. Trend N.Kirtzkhalia / A meeting between Temur Yakobashvili, the Georgian State Minister on Reintegration, and Boris Chochiyev, vice-Premier of self-declared South Ossetia, will take place on 7 August, Yakobashvili said to a briefing on 5 August.

"We gave our preliminary agreement and if nothing changes in this week, the meeting will be held in Tzkhinvali," Yakobashvili said. The State Minister stressed that Yuriy Pavlov, the Russian Foreign Ministry's Ambassador at large, would participate in this meeting as observer. "However, this will not be a meeting within the framework of the Joint Supervision Commission, because we are against of this format, which is outdated," Yakobashvili said.

The State Minister stressed that, he would raise a question on demilitarization of the Georgian and Ossetia conflict zone and establishment of the joint Georgian and Russian control over Roxky tunnel, where the South Ossetia supplies with big amount of weapons, as well as, increasing numbers of the OSCE observers.

"I hope that at this meeting, the process of de-escalation of situation will begin in the conflict zone," he said.