Protesters target nuclear waste shipment

Other News Materials 6 October 2007 07:06

(Breaking News Ireland) Three Greenpeace activists boarded the Atlantic Osprey carrier tonight, as it was making its way to Sellafield in Britain with a shipment of nuclear waste for reprocessing.

Fifteen activists met the ship in four inflatable boats as it passed west of the Danish island of Bornholm , and urged the ship to return to Sweden, Greenpeace spokeswoman Martina Kruger said.

The three activists who climbed onto the ship were taken into custody by police and brought to land for questioning, Swedish news agency TT reported.

The ship left Studsvik in Sweden yesterday, carrying spent nuclear fuel, including plutonium, for reprocessing at the Sellafield plant in Cumbria . Once it has been treated in Sellafield , it will be returned to Sweden for final storage.a spokesman, refused to comment on the report.