Vinnie Jones Thought He'd Die In Earthquake

Other News Materials 3 August 2008 02:50 (UTC +04:00)

Tough guy actor VINNIE JONES feared he would lose his life in the earthquake that struck Los Angeles on Tuesday (29Jul08), the CM reported.

The British soccer star-turned-actor was busy promoting his new movie Hell Ride on the 14th storey of a Hollywood building when the 5.4-magnitude quake hit.

And the Snatch star thought he had met his end as the tremors shook the whole of L.A.

He says, "It was my first earthquake. I was 14 floors up and doing an interview when I could feel the building start to sway. I looked out over L.A. and the whole place was shaking.

"It was a strange feeling when it kicked off. I felt a bit sea-sick and it made my legs go weird. I didn't know if I should run for the door or just keep staring out the window.

"Looking back, if the tower block had come down that would have been it for me. I don't want to be a part of that again in a hurry."