Poland considers anti-sex-drive drugs for paedophiles

Other News Materials 6 August 2008 22:00 (UTC +04:00)

(dpa) - The Polish Ministry of Health wants to treat paedophiles with "chemical castration" by administering pills that lesson sexual drive, the daily Polska reported on Wednesday.

The ministry wants to make the treatment compulsory for repeat offenders, the daily said. The pills would reduce or eliminate sex drive by suppressing the production of testosterone.

"Our idea doesn't yet have the form of a law," ministry spokesman Jakub Golab told the daily. "We're currently consulting with sexologists ... We want to bring it into effect as soon as possible."

In as little as one year, people charged with paedophilia will also be fitted with electronic collars if they have a court order against going near their victims, Polska reported. If the collars are found effective, the Ministry of Justice will decide if they should be given to all paedophiles.

Last year 821 people in Poland were charged with molestation or sex with minors.

Chemical castration for repeat sex offenders is already offered in several US states, and European countries including Sweden, Germany and Denmark.