Chilean man dies from A/H1N1 flu

Other News Materials 17 June 2009 23:58 (UTC +04:00)

Chilean man dies from A/H1N1 flu A 40-year-old Chilean man died from the deadly A/H1N1 flu on Wednesday, bringing the total to three in the country, officials at Inidisa Clinic in the capital Santiago said, Xinhua reported.
Oscar Jimenez, who had been hospitalized in May, died from a pneumonia that killed his lung tissue, a complication of his flu, officials said.
Jimenez was a resident of Puerto Montt, a city 900 kilometers south of Santiago, which was home to Chile's two other flu deaths.

On Tuesday, Chile's Health Ministry said that the confirmed cases of the country's flu infection had reached 3,125, but that 77 percent of those infected had recovered fully. The ministry said that 87 people, or 2.7 percent of those infected, are currently very seriously ill with the disease. The remaining 20.3 percent are being treated for the flu, but are well enough to stay at home.