Russia’s membership in G8 suspended

Photo: Russia’s membership in G8 suspended / Politics

On March 18, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius spoke about the decision of the G8 to suspend Russia's membership in the organization, Interfax agency reported.

"With regard to G8, the political form of dialogue between the major powers, we decided to suspend Russia's membership there," Fabius said on the air of France's Europe-1 radio station.

The French foreign minister added that tonight all seven major powers will come together, but without Russia. Fabius didn't specify the details or the place of this meeting. Meanwhile, the invitation to the Russian president to visit France on June 6 remains in force, according to Fabius.

On June 6, France will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the landing of the allied forces in Normandy.

Spokesperson of Russian president, Dmitry Peskov said in his interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" newspaper that Russia will not make any changes in its foreign policy because of the harsh statements of G8 countries. Russia continues to work with these countries as usual, according to Peskov.

"We take it with regret," Peskov said answering a question about Russia's reaction to harsh statements by its western partners.

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