Top official: Network war against Azerbaijan going on today and young people must show selflessness in this sphere

Photo: Top official: Network war against Azerbaijan going on today and young people must show selflessness in this sphere / Politics

Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 19

By Ilkin Izzet - Trend:

Independent Azerbaijan is implementing the global projects in the region today, Chief of Political Analysis and Information Provision Department of Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, Elnur Aslanov said at the first Congress of the ASAN youth organization of volunteers in Baku on Dec. 19.

"Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev ordered to turn Azerbaijan into a developed country until 2020," Aslanov said. "Azerbaijan 2020: A look into the future development concept is being successfully implemented. Achieving of the set goals greatly depends on the activity, knowledge, determination of youth."

The official went on to add that highly educated, competent, patriotic young professionals with modern views, tied to their national roots and having high personal qualities, are considered the main development engine of a new period.

"While building the future, we rely on this potential of yours," Aslanov said. "The vast majority of young people has been recently employed in the public service. Today, young Azerbaijani people strive for serving their country, participate in its development."

Aslanov went on to add that by having a high level of knowledge, one can take his rightful place and create good living conditions for himself in Azerbaijan."

"The youth houses open in Azerbaijani regions, youth development complexes are being established in the country's regions," he said. "The presidential award was instituted for young people for the first time. Of course, these are all great incentives, as well as trust exerted to the youth and great expectations."

"But, unfortunately, sometimes the level of youth initiatives leaves a lot more to be desired," he said. "Today it is very difficult to find young people who do not use Internet and social networks. According to the latest statistics data, more than 1.120 million of Azerbaijani users were registered on Facebook, tens of thousands on Twitter."

"Only six percent of world's population used Internet in 2000, that is, 360 million people," he said. "This figure reached 16 percent in 2005, or one billion people, and then 29 percent in 2010, which is two billion people. Today, more than 39 percent of world's population is online, namely, over three billion people. According to the forecasts, this figure will reach five billion people by 2020. Azerbaijani youth must take this development trend in account."

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