Turkey's eavesdroppers 'enemies of the state'

Photo: Turkey's eavesdroppers 'enemies of the state' / Arab World

Spying on a crisis management meeting involving high level Turkish state authorities discussing threats against Turkish territory in Aleppo, Syria -- home to a symbolically-important tomb -- have been leaked Anadolu Agency reported.

The eavesdroppers have been declared "enemies of the state" and will receive "the heaviest punishment possible," read a statement from the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

The tomb of Suleyman Shah is in Turkish territory according to international law and is currently under threat due to the rise in fighting between the Syrian opposition and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, in the area.

Protected by Turkish troops, the Suleyman Shah Tomb -- Turkey's only exclave -- and the surrounding area are located in Aleppo's Manbij district, approximately 30 km from the Turkish border.

The statement added: "It is the fundamental duty of the government to hold talks to defend its land when necessary.

"Eavesdropping of a top secret meeting and leaking recordings is a wretched attack and a grave offense on national security."

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