Outbreak of war in Iran to aggravate conflicts in all neighboring countries

Photo: Outbreak of war in Iran to aggravate conflicts in all neighboring countries
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Outbreak of hostilities in Iran may become incentive to aggravation of conflicts in all neighboring countries, director general of Center for Political Technologies Sergei Mikheev said.

"A large-scale military operation in Iran will lead to serious consequences for all countries bordering on it. In fact this will arouse instability in all the region's countries," Mr Mikheev said on Thursday during Yerevan-Moscow video bridge on 'Greater Caucasus under yoke of sanctions and threats: factor of Iran' topic.

He said outbreak of war in Iran will threaten all large economic projects in the region because first of all instability will undermine confidence in these projects and secondly some local military conflicts, terrorist attacks against these or those countries of the region will be provoked, Novosti-Armenia reported.

"There will also be interminable flow of refugees from Iran which will be a burden for the neighboring countries, it will be a kind of regional catastrophe," he added.

The expert noted many countries of the region will be involved in the conflict directly.

"Naturally, the Americans will not carry out this action alone. As events of last decades show, the Americans understood that legitimization of any operation depends on the number of participants and undoubtedly they will seek allies not only among their NATO partners but also among the region's countries," he said.

Mr Mikheev stressed involvement of the whole region in such conflict may have long-term negative consequences for the region's countries.

"Maybe these countries will get some dividends from cooperation with the U.S. in short term but in whole instability in the region will remain for long years," he summed up.

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