Azerbaijan launches production of 'agricultural drones' for the first time

Economy Materials 14 June 2021 09:38 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan launches production of 'agricultural drones' for the first time

BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 14


The production of 'agricultural drones' has begun in Azerbaijan for the first time, Head of the PR Department of Agro Services Agency under the Azerbaijani Ministry of Agriculture Aytekin Mammadova told Trend.

“The new locally produced agricultural drones are intended for sowing,” Mammadova added.

"These drones have several functions, which are used during sowing process,” head of the PR Department added. “The drones capable of spraying any liquid chemicals, can also be used to spray granular mineral fertilizers."

“The drones have the ability to scan and determine the terrain by taking pictures of it,” Mammadova said. "They perform 3D mapping of the earth structure thanks to this function. Farmers using drones save time and are exempt of additional costs.”

“For example, when cultivating any area by using heavy equipment, the wheels of this equipment inflict certain damage on the field. This doesn't happen with the drones. Also, heavy machinery consumes a lot of fuel and time to operate."

“Another important advantage is that thanks to these drones a farmer can determine in advance the part of the field with pests,” Mammadova added. “That is, the drone first scans the area, determining the part of the area where pests must be destroyed, and sprays chemicals only in the mentioned spot."