A-Level Education Group announces partnership with one of Australia's top educational institutions, Torrens University (PHOTO)

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A-Level Education Group announces partnership with one of Australia's top educational institutions, Torrens University (PHOTO)

A-Level Education Group has announced a partnership with one of Australia's top educational institutions, Torrens University. What draws people’s attention to education in Australia and why is it worth our attention? We asked the of CEO A-Level Education Center, Ayan Aliyeva. For more than 15 years, she has been working in the field of education abroad and has helped hundreds of students to enter universities around the world.

Why have you decided to aim your attention to Australia?

Probably because this is one of the most underestimated areas for education in Azerbaijan. Although, everything is different in the world. More than half a million international students come to Australia every year, and this number is constantly growing.

Where does this popularity come from?

The determining factor is quality; the decisive factor is the brilliant career that graduates are building afterwards. Australian universities have taken a place in the TOP 50 in the world rankings. A variety of destinations and even dual majors are very popular. It is also worth noting the country's politics. Australia is more than loyal to those who studied there and want to continue living and working.

Can you tell us more about what dual majors mean?

A dual major makes it possible to get majors in two different specialties at the same time.

For example, Torrens University offers a chance to obtain two following majors in a master's degree:

"Business Administration" and "Global Project Management"

"Business Administration" and "Public Health"

"Public Health" and "Global Project Management"

Without wasting time, you can get two majors and, of course, double chances of finding a job. As we all know, this is more relevant than ever. Of course, this is not the entire list of specialties. In total, there are more than 50 master’s degree programs.

Torrens University is the first among its peers and the fifth in the national ranking, what is the reason for it?

Back to the decisive factor - career opportunities.

Torrens University collaborates with global giants in the fields of business, design and creative technology, healthcare, and hospitality.

Students get an internship and often a place in PMI, Dior, Vogue, Sony, Marie Claire, Ella Bache, Emirates, Hyyat, Hilton.

90% of students are employed in the first year. These are significant indicators and they affect the decision when applying for a bachelor's degree specifically at Torrens University.

There are more than 70 undergraduate majors at the university for those looking to pursue a prestigious education in business, design, healthcare, hospitality, project management, education management and sports. Torrens University students do not achieve success after graduation, but make it a part of their academic life.

In addition, Torrens University has 4 campuses in the largest cities of Australia: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The infrastructure of the educational institution includes its own library. The University offers its students accommodation in a student residence. An important advantage when choosing this university may be that Torrens University has a good sports infrastructure. The educational institution is a member of the Laureate International Universities group.

You described education in Australia as a win-win and Torrens University as a progressive, emerging and unique university. Why is this direction not as popular in Azerbaijan as, for example, England, America, Canada?

I would like to note that in Australia, there really is a level of education like in America and England, and opportunities for later life and prices for education are like in Canada. And the weather is not so cold and cloudy (laughs). My answer to this question is: “The human factor is the accident rate matrix”.

Unfortunately, it is neither profitable nor easy for local companies to work with Australia. Let me explain why.

It is not profitable, since cooperation with a university of the Torrens University level is established through closed agency events, and not through correspondence. In addition, the top university chooses a reliable and professional partner in different regions of the world, with a clear reputation.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the agencies simply refuse to deal with an Australian visa or they try to and spoil their visa history.

Is It possible to study and work in Australia? How long can International students stay in Australia after graduation?

As Australia provides very flexible terms, it is possible. While studying in Australia, students can work 20 hours a week.

After graduation, a student can obtain a graduate visa and stay in Australia for an additional 18 months to 4 years, depending on the course of study- in order to acquire more practical experience

What are the responsibilities of a Torrens University partner?

Our main task is to tell about the opportunities for students at this university and, of course, in Australia itself. After all, a student entering a foreign country has a choice not only of a profession and a university, but also of a country. Even a small part of the advantages of studying at Torrens University makes it competitive, and if you list them all, the advantage is on its side.

Moreover, we conduct free consultations, where we give extensive information about Torrens University, submit documents to the university, provide visa support without damaging the visa history (laughs).

A-Level is the small embassy of Torrens University in Azerbaijan.

Thank you for the conversation, today the behind the scenes of education abroad was revealed to us a little, and we learned a lot of interesting things about Torrens University.

Thank you for your interest in education!

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