Iran’s Discussions with Europe over Nuclear Program Aims at Gaining Time: Iraninan Political Scientist

Politics Materials 10 March 2008 17:47 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 10 March / Trend corr D. Khatinoglu/ Iran suggested the plan of the discussions with Europe in order to delay the passing the fourth resolution on its nuclear program at the UN Security Council. "The discussions with Europe over Iran's nuclear plan are intended to gain time," the Germany-based Iranian political scientist Hasan Shariatmadari told Trend .

On 9 March, the Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said at a press conference that if the Council of Europe makes a good proposal on Iran's nuclear program, the official Tehran will agree to the discuss the matter. On 6 March the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejat said that Iran would discuss Iran's nuclear program only with the IAEA and officially recognizes only that organization in this connection.

Iran is less likely to stop its uranium enrichment program, Shariatmadari, the expert on international relations said to Trend on a telephone from Berlin on 10 March. "International community demanded Iran to stop the uranium enrichment program and all three resolutions of the UN Security Council against Iran were adopted in this regard. However, the fact that official Tehran will stop its nuclear program is not convincing enough. Iran understood that its foreign policy reached deadlock and therefore accepted the discussions," the Iranian political scientist said.

According to Shariatmadari, Russian wants to keep away from Russia due to the strategic danger and is already refraining from supporting the country. Expert said that Iran has been given two months and half to stop the uranium enrichment. " Iran wants to hold discussions with Europe in order to gain time. The fourth resolution of the UN Security Council will be tougher," he said.

On 3 March the UN Security Council passed the third Resolution with regards to Iran's nuclear program. The vast majority of permanent and non-permanent members of the Security Council voted for adoption of the Resolution. Only Indonesia took a neutral position.

The UN Security Council demandes Iran to stop uranium enrichment and already passed the third resolution. It will impose a ban on foreign visits by 18 officials and economic relations with 13 companies. In addition, the Resolution contains challenges to international companies to become more attentive in economic relations with the Iranian banks 'Melli' and 'Saderat'.