UN Demands for Israel not Law

Politics Materials 20 November 2008 21:13 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 20 November / Trend , corr. U.Sadikhova /Israel will not raise the blockade from the Gaza Strip under the demand of the UN Secretary General because of it could damage the security of the country in its confrontation with the HAMAS.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the temporary Israeli Government, which is headed by Ehud Olmert to open borders in the Gaza Strip, where humanitarian missions cross, as well as to permit food and medicines deliveries to Gaza, UN departments employees can render assistance to the population and stop firing on Gaza Strip.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered not to open check-points, through which food, medicines, commodities and raw materials are delivered to Gaza. Check-points were closed in early November because of new clashes amongst members of HAMAS and the Israeli army

Israeli Government has criticized the statements by UN Secretary-General, who, in his view, violates the rights of country to defend itself from attacks of Islamic movements at the border with Gaza.

"Israel Foreign Ministry was shocked by a short-sighted statement of the UN Secretary General about the humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip," a source from Israeli Foreign Ministry said to Trend  familiar with the situation, but requested for anonymity .

Israel has neither choice but to defend its own citizens from rockets and mortar shells of HAMAS, which is a violation of basic human rights, especially the right to life, said the source.

The six-month cease-fire agreement between HAMAS and Israel, which expires in December, has been violated by the Israeli army while bombing the territory of Gaza Strip. The were 16 victims in Palestine, civilians were left without food in Gaza and Israel suspended medicine, water and electricity supplies.
The Israeli Government intends to further investigate the firings by Palestinian movements, and only then it will consider the opening of borders in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip accustomed to such actions of Israel that has lasted for decades, so there is no hope that the Israeli army will cease fire and will skip the humanitarian mission, the Dean of the Islamic University of Gaza Issam Dzhuddah said.

"The Palestinians developed  reflex to such actions of Israel, and our people rely on force and support of Arab neighbors, but not on international organizations", Dzhuddah, pro-HAMAS analyst,  said to Trend by a telephone from the Gaza Strip

Unlike of international organizations, the Arab countries, particularly Egypt, opens the checkpoint in Rafah on the border with Gaza frequently, where the necessary food is delivered to the region. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides material assistance to the Palestinian people.

The UN Secretary General call will become another document, which Israel will ignore, as its interests are protected by the U.S. policy in the Middle East, Ramzy Baroud, the chief editor of the Palestenian Palestine Chronicl magazine, said

"This call from the UN Secretary General will fill the pile of resolutions, which Israel has not fulfilled for several years due to its certainty in correctness thanks to the U.S. permanent support," Baroud said to Trend via e-mail.

Israel holds no regards to the UN calls, simply because the support of Israeli policy by major western powers, largely the United States and international organizations in the negotiations with Palestine

UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions remained unfulfilled or no veto was imposed on them. And Israel got rid of unnecessary documents and obligation in the Palestinian conflict through assistance of the U.S., Baroud said.

"So, many UN resolutions were killed that way. Therefore, the curent calls from Secretary General, neither in personal nor in collective form will change Israel's decision," Baroud added.

Even if the UN statement will not stop military operations against members of HAMAS and does not remove the blockade, this issue has already received international status and therefore can not be equated Israel's indifference to the activities of the UN, Ann Le More, the analyst of the UN on policy in the British Royal Institute, said.

"The call from the Secretary General will not lead to the lifting of the blockade of Gaza, because Israel is interested now to continue confronting with HAMAS. Perhaps, when the situation will quiet, Israel will open the border for humanitarian missions," Lee Moore said to Trend .

However, the call from UN Secretary General will help employees of humanitarian missions in Gaza, and perhaps that will soon the General Assembly will supply a new humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. The mediation of international forces is necessary to open the border at crossing points with Gaza, otherwise Israel would not agree to it, Mohammad Yaghi, the commentator of the Al-Ayyam newspaper, said.

The small humanitarian aid can not meet all the needs of the peaceful population of Gaza, but this is what the UN can do for the Palestinians, therefore the interference of the Arab countries in this question is also important, said Yaghi.

In December, when the deadline of official ceasefire agreement between HAMAS and Israel expires, clashes between the members of the Movement and the Israeli Army will be more extensive, which could lead to a new war in the region, said Dzhuddah

A. Gut (Israel) and R.Hafizoglu (Baku) contributed in the article.

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