Israel's warning not to prevent forming national government in Lebanon: expert

Politics Materials 29 June 2009 18:00 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, June 29/ Trend , U.Sadikhova /

Statement by the Prime Minister of Israel about Hezbollah's joining the new government in Lebanon is aimed at weakening the Lebanese opposition, but it will not become an obstacle in the formation of a national Lebanese government, said the doctor of political sciences at Lebanese University, Talal Atrisi.

At the Sunday meeting of the government, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that if Hezbollah joins the new government of Lebanon, Beirut will be responsible for all the steps of the party, including the military operations against Israel, Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post reported.

The statement by the Israeli head was made after discussion of the leader of the Lebanese movement Saad al-Hariri, who is responsible for the formation of a new Cabinet of Ministers, with the leader of the opposition Hezbollah Party, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, regarding the possibility of establishing a national unity government in Lebanon.

This was the first meeting between pro-Western politician al-Hariri, son of assassinated Prime Minister, and Nasrallah, after the parliamentary election in June, which was won by al-Hariri's March 14 bloc. Hezbollah, holding an armed struggle against Israel gained 11 seats in parliament.

Atrisi, an analyst on the Lebanese politics, believes that Netanyahu's statements are aimed at weakening the position of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

"Today, Netanyahu wants to raise fears in Lebanon in connection with the participation of Hezbollah in the new government - Atrisi told Trend by telephone from Beirut. - Netanyahu seeks to complicate the conditions for Hezbollah's joining the government."

Atrisi believes that this will not become an obstacle to forming a unity government in Lebanon, since Hezbollah was represented at the Cabinet of Minister and Parliament formerly.

In the government of Fouad Siniora, Hezbollah has a portfolio of Minister of Energy and Water Resources, as well as after the Agreement on Reconciliation in the Qatari capital of Doha, has received the right of veto and the right to arming against Israel.

Atrisi added that the political forces in Lebanon consider policies of the Israeli Prime Minister as having a negative impact on the future of Lebanon, and therefore, Netanyahu's warning will not become a sign for the termination of negotiations of al-Hariri with the opposition March 8 bloc, which includes Hezbollah, and Amal Party.

Atrisi also believes that a clash between supporters of the Al-Mustaqbal Movement of Al-Hariri and Amal Party on Sunday, resulting in the death of a woman, does not take a political character and is not the result of political decisions of the parties.

The government of national unity is the main idea for Lebanon, said Atrisi, but for its implementation, it needs to solve the problem of the veto right held by Hezbollah, and the number of representatives of political parties in the government.

Supporters of March 14 urge to transfer the veto right to the President of Lebanon.

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