Argentine MP: Azerbaijan is bridge to Central Asia and neighboring regions

Politics Materials 27 September 2011 19:42
Argentine MP: Azerbaijan is bridge to Central Asia and neighboring regions
Argentine MP: Azerbaijan is bridge to Central Asia and neighboring regions

Azerbaijan, Baku, Sept. 27 /Trend, M.Aliyev/

Over the recent period, the cooperation between Azerbaijan and Argentina has been actively growing, and opening Azerbaijani embassy in Argentina particularly gave an impetus to the development of relations between the two countries, the chairman of the PRO Propuesta Republicana political bloc in the Chamber of Deputies of the National Congress of the Argentine Republic, a member of the inter-parliamentary group of friendship with Azerbaijan in the Chamber of Deputies, MP Federico Pinedo, who is on a visit to Azerbaijan, said in an interview with Trend.

"The purpose of our visit to Azerbaijan is to closely get familiarized with the realities of the country and contribute to developing our relations," he said.

Economic cooperation is important for development of relations

The parliamentary diplomacy is very important in international relations. The position unexpressed by states to each other may be delivered by MPs because they are considered the representatives of the people and speak on behalf of the people, Argentine MP said.

"Undoubtedly, the involvement of parliamentarians in addressing several issues facilitates and intensifies relations. One of the greatest achievements of the Azerbaijani diplomacy is the friendship groups with Azerbaijan, created by the Azerbaijani embassy in Buenos Aires in both chambers of the parliament, said Pinedo. - This is not an easy matter, and I believe that creating friendship groups will make a great contribution to the development of relations between the parliaments of two countries".

He said the main issue for MPs is to clarify the spheres of cooperation between the two countries. "This is one of the purposes of our visit. Azerbaijani embassy in Argentina is actively engaged in studying the issues on which it is possible to cooperate, and there are already some results in this regard. I think that economic cooperation is very important to develop relations between the two countries. Therefore, we pay great attention to cooperation in agriculture. We have already begun to cooperate in the delivery of agricultural technologies to Azerbaijan. But I think that we should not be limited to the agricultural sector, and should try to influence the development of other spheres," said the MP.

Argentina supports a peaceful and fair solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
According to the Argentine MP, expressing a position on such issues is the authority of the Foreign Ministry of Argentina, and Ministry's position on this conflict is clear. Argentina supports a peaceful and fair solution to the conflict within the short period and supports the steps in this regard.

"After returning from Azerbaijan, we will express our opinion to relevant executive structures of Argentina about the importance of opening an embassy in Baku and the significance of this issue. We regard Azerbaijan as an important country from economic and political point of view and as a bridge to Central Asia and neighboring regions. Opening the embassy of Argentina in Baku is important in terms of using the opportunities in Azerbaijan and promoting bilateral cooperation," said Pinedo.

Cooperation between Azerbaijan and Argentina is important in biotechnology
Argentina possesses high technology in agriculture, which covers the spheres of agriculture and livestock, said the MP, noting that cooperation is particularly important in biotechnology, since Argentina has great experience in this field.

"The application of biotechnology in agriculture of Argentina had a great impact on productivity, and I believe that Azerbaijan's using the experience in this field can be beneficial for the country," said the Argentine MP.

Azerbaijan has made an economic leap within a very short period

Pinedo said that it was his first visit to Baku, and the first impressions reminded him the economic growth in China.

"Azerbaijan has made a strong economic leap within a very short period, the MP said. -

The work done in construction and infrastructure particularly admires. Of course, I am surprised at how quickly those successes have been achieved".

According to MP, today Argentina is on the eve of elections. "And I have nominated my candidature to the Parliament for another term. From this point of view, to make a visit abroad is not so easy, but when the agenda included a question about the visit to Azerbaijan, I gladly agreed to come. During my next visit, I would like to visit the regions of the country and closely know Azerbaijan," he said.