Expert: Muslim Brotherhood loses chance for peace talks in Egypt

Politics Materials 14 August 2013 19:51 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, Aug. 14 / Trend A.Taghiyeva /

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been given a chance to hold peace talks with the transitional government, but they did not use it and lost it instead, analyst at the Egyptian Jumhuriya newspaper Hisham Basyuni says.

"The Muslim Brotherhood will not be able to return to power. They are now trying to ignite a civil war between the Egyptians," Basyuni told Trend.

According to him, among those who go to demonstrations in Egypt, there are many people with ties to terrorist organizations. When these people get weapons, they attack government institutions and people of other religions, the expert said.

As for the possibility of civil war in Egypt, Basyuni noted that this development is excluded, since Egypt's army is very strong and has a certain influence in Egyptian society. The army will not allow the outbreak of civil war in the country, Basyuni said.

On Wednesday morning, the army of Egypt began crackdown on demonstrators. Some 300 dead and over a thousand wounded have been reported since the dispersal of protesters in the squares of Rabia Al-Adawi and Nahda in Cairo started.

On July 3, Egypt's army ousted President-Islamist Mohammed Morsi from power, suspended the Constitution and instructed the head of the Constitutional Court to act as the head of stated during the transitional period.

Morsi's supporters that disagree with the army's decision have been conducting daily protests demanding the return of the president and restoration of the Constitution.

The Egyptian court also extended the decision to arrest Morsi for 15 days as part of the on-going investigation. The court accused Morsi in cooperation with Hamas as well as the escape from prison during the revolution in 2011.