Big states want to control Azerbaijan, says top official

Politics Materials 29 June 2015 13:15 (UTC +04:00)
All journalists should remember that they simultaneously represent their people, nation and country.
Big states want to control Azerbaijan, says top official

Baku, Azerbaijan, June 29
By Ilhama Isabalayeva - Trend:

All journalists should remember that they simultaneously represent their people, nation and country, Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani president's aide for public and political affairs said June 29.

He made the remarks during the scientific and practical conference "National press of Azerbaijan - 140: "Ekinchi" traditions and modern journalism" dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Azerbaijani national press at Baku State University.

In the daily journalism activities, the affection for the motherland shouldn't fade into the background, according to the top official.

"There are so many standards in the modern world that the western systems which we try to adopt in Azerbaijan, or other systems which can serve as an example for us, unfortunately, do not form a policy within common standards in the light of objective realities," he said.

Hasanov added that the current processes in the world do not go on as reported by the western and other media outlets.

"The majority of the nations are not terrorists or savages. But look what has been done to these countries over the last 10 years, what they did to the Muslim countries for their own interests. How they sowed dissension among the peoples, nations and ethnic minorities," said the top official.

Unfortunately, today, when various standards predominate in the world, some Azerbaijani media representatives also support them, he said. "They support the activities against Azerbaijan and its people by various means."

The top official expressed regret that today, some journalists who bear Azerbaijani names and surnames and settled abroad, have become the main tools to be used against Azerbaijan.

"Anti-Azerbaijani networks were formed and we have been informed about their activities," said the official.

Ali Hasanov said that today, Azerbaijani media representatives have sufficient power to resist these forces and prevent them from misleading Azerbaijani people.

"Do you know what they attempted to do on the eve of the First European Games?! It is true that they didn't achieve anything. In fact, except for several persons and organizations calling themselves the human rights defenders, they failed to involve the international community in the anti-Azerbaijani campaign," said the top official.

The circle of these persons and organizations can bring together maximum 60-70 people, he said, adding that with such a number of people, the West attempted to systematically carry out anti-Azerbaijani activities, but failed to achieve the desired result.

"A question arises: why didn't their circle expand? Because we were right and they wanted to fight justice," said Hasanov.

They couldn't stand the fact that Azerbaijan, the country which gained independence 24 years ago, held the European Games on the world level, the top official added.

"In one word, Azerbaijan's attractive image doesn't, and probably, will not suit many. Therefore, Azerbaijani people, journalists, who are active intellectuals, must be vigilant and expose the actions of some forces then and there," he added.

During his speech, Hasanov also said that some great powers want to control certain countries and naturally, Azerbaijan is among such countries.

"Today, Azerbaijan has its resources, policy and own interests," he said, adding that in order to fulfill these interests, Azerbaijan should say "no" to someone's wishes. "When it is not to their advantage, they come down on Azerbaijan."

"Big states want to control Azerbaijan. However, President Ilham Aliyev's independent policy which is literally based on Azerbaijani people's will, is not to their advantage and they stand against it," said Ali Hasanov.

"Important global events are ahead of us. Today, our country shows its real ambitions, expresses readiness to compete with every country," he said. "I believe that these ambitions are grounded."

It is clear that today Azerbaijan is able to receive guests and no one can deny that, he said.

"No one can identify us with the states which face chaos and anarchy. Azerbaijan is already on the development path and it will continue moving on this way," he said, adding that certainly, the role of media is also very important in this sphere.