Expert: Armenians in miserable condition because of own aggressive policy

Politics Materials 23 November 2018 19:09 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Nov. 23

By Samir Ali – Trend:

The ideology of the Armenians is historically based on such anti-human actions as betrayal, toadying, begging, venality, psychological readiness for any action to achieve the goal, said Aydin Guliyev, editor-in-chief of the Baku Khabar newspaper.

“Not only the statements of medieval European and Russian thinkers about the Armenian psychology and ideology of the Armenians, but also significant historical facts beginning from the 6th century up until now testify to that,” he told Trend.

"Armenians resorted to various lowdown acts to worsen relations between the Byzantine Empire and the Sasanid Empire, between Byzantium and the early Arab states, between the German, French, English kings, who organized the crusades, and the emperors of Byzantium, between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, between Tsarist Russia and the Safavid Shahs," Guliyev said. “It is impossible to erase these facts from history.”

Guliyev also said the heirs and followers of the state, built on the psychology of corruption, betrayal and begging will never be able to conduct their activity based on the values of humanism.

The expert added that to hide the historical falsifications, the current Armenian leadership is forced to beg, hiding behind the "charity marathon".

He added that thereby the Armenian leadership further improves the art of begging inherent in Armenians.

“The fact of collecting 1.2 million euros by Armenian acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during the recent visit to France by begging clearly testifies to that,” Guliyev added.

"After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenian leaders could not collect much money by begging,” the expert said. “For example, more funds were collected during first Armenian President Ter-Petrosyan’s term in office as compared to Robert Kocharyan’s period. Despite that during Sargsyan’s term in office the method of begging was used very often, Sargsyan was able to collect less money than Kocharyan."

“By creating the image of unhappy people who are surrounded by hostile countries, the Armenians received funds from abroad,” Guliyev said.

"During the first days of independence, such a fraudulent tactic was successful and even some people who were not Armenians sent money to Armenians,” he said. “But over the years the situation changed. Thanks to the decisive efforts of Azerbaijani diplomacy, everybody in the world understood that Armenians are not a poor nation. On the contrary, everybody all over the world understood that Armenians are in such a miserable condition because of their aggressive policy.”