“Responsibility for last action falls to disturbers of agreement,” Rep of President’s Apparat

Politics Materials 28 November 2005 14:45 (UTC +04:00)

“There is no problems in ensuring of freedom of assembly. Conditions at the last action of the opposition were established within the law, but they did not complete the action in the way and in the time specified in the agreement. The employees of the law-enforcement bodies took measures in accordance with their tasks,” Arastun Mehdiyev, the deputy head of the Public-Political Department of the President’s Apparat, told Trend.

He said that all events was due to be held within the law. Mehdiyev appreciated the acts of the law-enforcement bodies on prevention of the rally, which was beyond specified time, as right steps in the view of safety of the participants of the action. “If the participants of the action violate the agreement and commit illegal acts, the responsibility for it falls to them,” he added.

Mehdiyev stressed that they always established conditions for regular opposition actions within the law. “If there is no problem in holding of actions, holding of sitting and termless actions make no sense,” the representatives of the President’s Apparat underlined.

Touching upon the statements by some diplomatic missions criticized dispersalof the last action, he said that they must pay attention to what side violated the law and came out with this position. Mehdiyev appreciated the statement of the embassies as subjective position.