PACE monitoring mission states its opinion on post-elections situation in Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 3 December 2005 12:05 (UTC +04:00)

The political situation in Azerbaijan causes concerns at the PACE monitoring mission, as of the statement sounded at a news conference held at the CE Information Office in Baku on Friday.

Andreas Herkel, a member of the mission, a PACE co-rapporteur on Azerbaijan, noted that a process of consideration of complaints by the Central Elections Commission did not meet the essence of the developments. “We are not the law-defenders of the opposition and only want the conduct of democratic elections,” Herkel noted.

In his turn, another PACE co-rapporteur on Azerbaijan, Andreas Gross, voiced his concerns in connection with the sentence on the recognition of the results of poll. �We aspired to arrive in Baku prior to the adoption of the results of the polling by the Constitution Court of Azerbaijan, while we failed,” said Gross, noting that recognition of the mandate of the Azerbaijani delegation t PACE will be uneasy in such condition.

PACE co-rapporteur recalled a proposal that was sounded during the session of the PACE permanent session in Bucharest. It stipulated the formation of the elections commissions all further elections in parity basis. “Now we are waiting for a reply of the Azerbaijani side to the proposal,” Gross said.

The same time a Dutch MP, Leo Platvoed, announced that as a results of the visit to Baku the monitoring mission they will design a report which will be discussed in Paris on 15 December at a meeting of the CE Monitoring Committee, as well as included in the agenda of the PACE Bureau to be held early January 2006. Platvoed also announced that PACE monitoring mission will visit Azerbaijan in January 2006. “We also invited PACE President Rene van der Linden to visit Baku along with the members of the monitoring mission,” he underlined.

He regretted in connection with the statement by the US embassy in Baku on Friday, which appraises a sentence of the Azerbaijani Constitution Court on the cancellation of results of votes in 10 constituencies and their reconsideration in one constituency.