Rumania is important partner of Azerbaijan Novruz Mammadov

Politics Materials 1 June 2006 20:57 (UTC +04:00)

The Rumanian president Trayan Basesky is expected to pay a visit to Azerbaijan by the end of 2006, Trend reports with reference to Novruz Mammadov, the chief of the international relations department of the presidents office.

According to Mammadov, Rumania is an important partner of Azerbaijan and official Baku is interested in realization of projects, as well as energy projects on bilateral and multilateral base.

The talks are being held on this issue and will continue. The visit of the Rumanian president to Azerbaijan will put the final point, said Novruzov.

By touching on the visit of Azeri president Ilham Aliyev to Bucharest, Mammadov stressed that the country is the most ponderable state of the region, and the Azerbaijani government desires to take this into consideration.

By commenting on the statement of different solution models of Karabakh problem formed on base of the separation of Chernegoria from Serbia, Mammadov told that if Armenia desires to establish its state, let them live in Armenia. Chernogoria, as Armenia, was a part of a big country and its de-fact separation was an expected process. Armenian people have own country Armenia and each Armenia may live in Armenia, told Mammadov.