Except Abkhazian Moslems Georgian Moslems made statement supporting territorial integrity of country

Politics Materials 21 June 2006 16:54 (UTC +04:00)

The Moslems of Abkhazia participating at the advisory meeting of representatives of moslems held in Arzurum refused to join the statement made at the session, Abbas Muradkhanli, the head of analytical-information center of National Assembly of Georgian Azerbaijanis (NAGA), told Trend.

According to Muradkhanli, the meeting of the representatives of the Georgian moslems held in Arzurum took a consultative character. The meeting brought together representatives of Ossetia moslems, Azerbaijanis, Chechens, Ingush, Adjars and Georgian moslems living in Georgia. Besides moslems from Abkhazia and meskheti-Turks took part at the meeting. During the consultative meeting, the moslems from Georgia discussed the creation of a single political party og the Georgian moslems. The Turkish government didnt create any obstacles for

the conducting of the meeting. The president of NAGA Dashgin Gulmammadov joined the meeting through the selector and noted the importance of unity of representatives of all nations living in Georgia in protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. In particular he stressed that the moslems living in Georgia have always served the state interests and strengthened Georgia. Because without reference to the national origin, Georgia is their state.

At the end of the meeting, the participants adopted a resolution. The moslems from Abkhazia refused to vote and sign the documents, and 9 representatives from them left the meeting.

A working group was established, with the initiative of creation of a political party. The meeting of the moslems living in Georgia was held with the initiative of NAGA.