Over 4.500 Observers of Yeni Azerbaijan Party Marked Transparency in Elections` Holding

Politics Materials 6 October 2006 22:48 (UTC +04:00)

More than 4,.500 observers of the ruling party Yeni Azerbaijan (New Azerbaijan) observing the election process today have pointed out the transparency in holding re-run, By-election, New, and first municipal elections in Azerbaijan, the press service of the party told Trend. The message points out that 76 observers of the Party passed registration in CEC (Azerbaijan`s Central Election Committee), about 2.000 persons were registered from the

party Yeni Azerbaijan, and the rest are local observers from the Party`s candidates running for the election. The observers of the party who put forward 2.221 candidacies for 1.931 municipal seats are following the election process in all the polling stations in 604 municipalities of 82 constituencies in the country.

According to the information of the observers of the Party, including the information handed over by the observers observing the election process independently, up to the moment, no facts on violating the election process have been received by CEC from the voters, members of the election commissions, and constituencies.

On-spot information receiving by the Central Election Staff of the Party has confirmed that on the whole, the election process is being fulfilled within the requirements of the Election Code of the Country and no interferences have been observed. According to the information of the Party`s observers, international observations` mission are observing the election day as well.