Chairman of Azerbaijan Party of Classic Popular Front: Result of Negotiations Held between Opposition Parties Were Azerbaijani Style

Politics Materials 20 December 2006 17:54 (UTC +04:00)

Mirmakhmoud Miralioghli, Chairman of the Party of Classic Popular Front of Azerbaijan, told Trend that the meeting of the opposition in one location became the reason that the opposition interrupted negotiations between its parties. That should have speed up the process on cooperation among the opposition, however the results of it were Azerbaijani style, he said.

He said that the activity of the Coordination Council, founded for protecting the freedom of speech and press is expected to be restored. Mr. Miralioghli said that the opposition parties had not held either discussions or meetings due to this. According to the Chairman of the Party, everybody orally agrees on a meeting among the opposition parties, but there is no results.

Mr. Miralioghli said that some time ago, his party had launched negotiations with the parties to unite all the opposition forces of the country. According to him, the foundation of the Coordination Council where all the oppositionists participate, became the reason of the interruption in the negotiations. The negotiations held by us has remained as just negotiations and nothing more, he said. He also added that the cooperation among the Azerbaijani opposition might be restored.

In March, 2006, the party of Classic Popular Front of the Country held the Constituent Congress. Prior to that moment, the Party had been called the Party of Popular Front of Azerbaijan and known as the Party of Popular Front Classics. Mirmakhmoud Miralioghli, was Vice-President during the presidency of Abulfaz Elchibey, Chairman of the Popular Front of the Country. Then he became the Chairman of the Classic Wing of the popular Front after the split in the Popular Front which occurred in 2000.