Three Georgian Azerbaijanis Still in Armenia

Politics Materials 16 February 2007 14:15 (UTC +04:00)

The Press-Secretary of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Georgia, Elkhan Polukhov, informed Trend that three Azerbaijanis, citizens of Georgia, who are accused of illegally crossing the border, are still detained in Armenia.

Polukhov said that three Azerbaijanis were detained by the border guards of Armenia when they entered the disputable territory between Georgia and Armenia to cut trees from the forest. Two Azerbaijanis were detained 10-12 days ago and they are currently in Yerevan. One more Azerbaijani was detained 5 days ago. Negotiations are being held to return them. According to an initiative of the Azerbaijani Embassy, the Popular Law-Protector of Georgia has also joined the process, he said. In addition, Polukhov clarified the information from the Border Police of Georgia on the release of two Azerbaijanis. According to him, a husband and wife were detained in the disputable territory, but during detention, they could contact local police by phone, who could prevent the Azerbaijanis being taken to Armenia.