Lawyer Demands to Acquit Man Stabbing Journalist of Pro-Opposition Newspaper of Azerbaijan

Society Materials 20 August 2008 16:36 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 20 August / Trend , corr K. Zarbaliyeva/ A preparatory meeting of the court on the appeal of Sergey Strekalin convicted for stabbing Agil Khalil, the writer for Azadli newspaper has already been held.

The writer for Azadlig Agil Khalil was stabbed with knife near the buildings located in 523 str Ayna Sultanova by unknown people on 13 March.

Khalilov said that he was stabbed because of the incident that took place in Zeytun Bagi and his journalistic activity and he added that he was followed by two men.

The Attorney General's Office said that the journalist was stabbed by the homosexuals, that is, by Sergey Strekalin, with whom he had sexual relations earlier.

Strekalin was arrested with charges of inflicting injury to health deliberately (127.1) and storing drugs illegally (234.1) in line with the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. The criminal case filed over beating journalist in Zeytun Bagi has been closed.

Sergey Strekalin, charged with stabbing Khalil, was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in jail in a court sitting held in Nasimi District Court of Baku on 15 July.

The Appeal Court of Baku said to Trend that the lawyer of Khalil Elchin Sadigov asked to acquit Strekalin claiming that it was not Strekalin who committed the crime.

The lawyer of Strekalin Akif Malikov asked the court to acquit his client from the charges of illegal storing of drugs.

The court sitting on the appeal is expected to be held on 27 August.

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