Hajji Mammadov Temporarily absent from Court Hearing due to Illness

Society Materials 27 November 2006 17:10 (UTC +04:00)

Today, on 27 November, in the court on the criminal case of Hajji Mammadov and the criminal gang he headed, the Judge Ali Seyfaliyev, made the decision for Mammadov to be absent from court for a few days due to his illness. The court was hearing the criminal case of Former Senior Officer of the Central Criminal Investigation Department of the Azerbaijan Interior Ministry, Hajji Mammadov and 25 members of his criminal gang which is being held in the Azerbaijan Court for Serious Crimes presided by Judge Ali Seyfaliyev, Trend reports.

In the beginning of the judiciary sitting, Hajji Mammadov brought to the attention of the Court that he was not able to take part in the court hearing due his ill health. At first, the judge did not pay much attention to his words as physicians had examined Hajji Mammadov and saw no reason why Mammadov could not participate in court. Mammadov complained to the Judge that the headache he was suffering was making it impossible to attend the court hearing. On the strength of that, the judge announced his decision that Mr. Mammadov could be absent until he recovered from the flu.

Mammadov was assisted out of the court, but the hearing continued. Videotapes taken during the pre-trial investigation were shown. It depicted the vicinity of the shooting, and where Ogtay Babayev, Deputy Public Prosecutor of Khatai District and Murad Kazimov, Deputy Public Prosecutor of Yasamal District, who had been kidnapped by members of Hajji Mammadov's gang, as well as testimonies and confrontations of the persons accused of committing the crimes.

The case continues.