Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation launches evaluation project for alunite ore reserves

Economy Materials 7 August 2021 18:12 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation launches evaluation project for alunite ore reserves

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Aug.7


Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation OJSC has launched project for evaluation of alunite ore reserves, Trend reports on Aug.7.

The presence of rich ore resources in Azerbaijan allows develop a number of sectors of the economy, in particular, heavy industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, and the construction industry. Extraction of natural resources using modern technologies creates conditions for the further expansion of industrial areas and the production of a wide range of competitive products.

In this regard, Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation OJSC is implementing a number of strategic projects. Among them, a project to launch first the extraction and then the production of alumina from alunite at the Zaylik ore deposit in the Dashkasan district, which hasn’t been used for a long time, has particular importance for the development of the aluminum industry.

To this end, the OJSC held a tender for the assessment of alunite ore reserves at the Zaylik deposit, ore mining using modern enrichment technologies and the implementation of subsequent processes. To prepare the technical specifications for the tender and conduct an assessment related to the applicants, an expert council was set up, consisting of representatives of government agencies, as well as well-known local and foreign experts in this field.

Through decision of the expert council, the UK MICON International Co. Limited company, which specializes in this area, was annonced as the winner of the tender. A contract was signed between the corporation and the company.

MICON was founded in 1988 and has over 30 years of international experience in the mining industry. The company has extensive experience in the US, Russia, Spain and other countries, including Azerbaijan, in the areas of assessment, research and development of natural resources, preparation of technical feasibility studies.

The contract with MICON envisages geological exploration, preparation of samples for laboratory and primary industrial tests, data processing and confirmation of mine reserves in accordance with international JORC standards (2012). Extraction of ore and production of alumina using modern technologies will reduce the volume of alumina imports into the country, as well as create new export opportunities.

At the same time, it may become extremely profitable in economic terms to obtain potassium sulfate from the extracted alunite at the subsequent stages of its processing, which is used in agriculture as a fertilizer, as well as elemental sulfur and other substances used in chemistry and medicine.

Considering the above, the evaluation of the Zaylik alunite mine, the use of alunite as a raw material in the production of aluminum, depending on the results of the feasibility study, and, in general, the comprehensive development of the aluminum industry, which occupy an important place among the projects planned by the corporation are among the main goals.