Great Britain Continues Toping Amount of Investments in Azerbaijan’s Economy

Business Materials 16 April 2008 20:21 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbijan, Baku, 16 April /corr. Trend I.Khalilova / Great Britain continues keeping leading position for the amount of the investments in Azerbaijan. In the first quarter, its specific weight made up 49.5%, according to the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan. The British investments increased by 2.5% as compared to the last year when it totaled AZN 281.354mln. Some 96.2% (AZN 546.7mln) out of the investments by the foreign countries and international organizations into the economy of Azerbaijan falls on Great Britain, the USA, Japan, Norway, Turkey and France. The highest specific weight of the investment falls on Great Britain, which totals 49.6% (AZN 196.497mln), an increase of 11.4% as compared to the same period of 2007.

The U.S. investments decreased by 10.9% and made up AZN 123.309mln (with 21.7% specific weight), Japanese - 11.2% and AZN 64.626mln (11.4%), Norwegian - 11.6% and AZN 40.758mln (7.2%), Turkish - 11.2% and AZN 32.048mln (5.6%), but French - with growth of 5.6 times totaled AZN 4.604mln (0.8%).

Of the international financial institutions, the highest amount of the investments fell on the World Bank totaling AZN 8.303mln, an increase of 4.6 times % (with 1.5% specific weight).

This year Asian Development Bank allocated AZN 2.471mln (0.4%) for the realization of projects in Azerbaijan, an decrease of 60.6%, Kuwait Fund for Economic Development - AZN 1.726mln (0.3%) with growth of 44.9%, Islamic Development Bank - AZN 1.241mln with a growth of 23.4%.

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