Swiss Tudor Scan Tech looking to take Uzbekistan's high-tech to new level (Exclusive)

Business Materials 13 April 2019 23:17 (UTC +04:00)
Swiss company Mircea Tudor Scan Tech S.A. (MTST) is looking to implement a new project in Uzbekistan.
Swiss Tudor Scan Tech looking to take Uzbekistan's high-tech to new level (Exclusive)

Baku, Azerbaijan, April 10

By Fakhri Vakilov – Trend:

Swiss company Mircea Tudor Scan Tech S.A. (MTST) is looking to implement a new project in Uzbekistan.

The project will help transfer high tech industry to Uzbekistan, by setting-up a local production facility capable to satisfy all local needs and to export different kind of scanners in the regional market, the company told Trend .

Mircea Tudor Scan Tech S.A. (MTST) is a Swiss company with over 20 years of experience in developing innovative scanning technologies, proving high expertise to develop unique internationally patented scanning technologies for civil and military aircrafts, occupied cars and vans, trains, trucks and containers.

MTST operates in Switzerland a state-of-the-art factory and an R&D center for nuclear technologies with fast-prototyping capacity. The company is deeply involved in large-scale security projects covering borders, critical infrastructures, seaports and airports.

The company noted that currently, there are only 7 producers of such technologies globally but none of the competitors can supply the full range of scanners for cars, vans, trucks and containers, trains, boats and aircrafts.

Tudor Tech stated that their company is the only one in the world covering all type of scanning solutions and all type of imaging technologies; low energy x-Ray, Gamma and high-energy x-Ray that will be transferred to Uzbekistan.

"We are contributing our high expertise accumulated within 20 years of development of complex nuclear technologies as well as with our expertise of setting-up a production facility," the company said.

The company stressed that Uzbek attractiveness to foreign capital seems to be enough for Tudor Scan Tech deciding to enter a partnership for such advanced technology in this country.

"The next step in the project is to enlarge the cooperation in the field of medical imaging systems and other medical technological equipment that Tudor Tech has in its portfolio," said the company.

Tudor Scan Tech underlined that the main challenge of the company is to propose Tudor Tech AERIA, a new and revolutionary field proven solution for civil and military aviation safety and security, introducing finally the technological support in airplane bomb on board clearing and fast security screening of airplanes arriving from low security/high risk origin of flights.

For the military aviation, AERIA can generate within few minutes only conclusive dual view (top view and side view) high resolution radiography, capable to reveal sub-millimeter details and material separation, extremely useful for fast assessment of the mechanical and structural integrity of the aircraft after combat missions or as routine checks.

The scanning process can reveal eventual foreign objects on board, detached/misplaced objects or parts, liquid leakages and many other anomalies, including inside the technical cavities, inaccessible for security of safety inspection.

The company noted that the cars scanner and the truck/container scanner can bring a high level of security of the airfields or other critical infrastructures areas, by scanning all vehicles accessing the secured area, eliminating significant vulnerabilities.

The truck and container scanner ML 64 is the only mobile scanner for trucks and containers in the world fully robotized, remote operated, eliminating exposure of the operators to radiation and eliminating the risk of human casualties in case of explosion of the inspected vehicle.

Earlier Trend reported that a high-tech plant for the production of scanners by technology of the Swiss company Tudor Tech will be built in Jizzak region of Uzbekistan.


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