Revisions and amendments to law Political Parties worked out in parliament

Business Materials 20 April 2006 14:30 (UTC +04:00)

The parliament is working on revisions and amendments to law Political Parties , Trend reports with reference to Sabir Rustamkhanli, deputy and chairman of Civil Solidarity Party (CSP).

He said these revisions and amendments would be made in the law this year, only not known at which session. The law is being worked out and deputies are talking on these revisions. But these is still no specific decision when it will be out to discussion and passed.

Rustamkhanli opined that, while making revisions and amendments into the aforesaid law draft, deputies should ensure more liberal conditions for political parties activity and prevention of bureaucratic obstacles for their registration. В"Besides, parties that took part in presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections and gained some certain success should be financed by the government; this matter may also be included in this lawВ".