Revenues from Russia counted as a part of total income

Business Materials 24 April 2006 14:32 (UTC +04:00)

The State statistics committee started counting domestic national revenue, which should be released once a year by the IMF recommendation. The given data is counted by reviewing all incomes coming from Azerbaijanis living abroad and decreasing this number on incomes of non-residents in Azerbaijan, the committee chairman, Arif Veliev told Trend. The domestic national revenue is counted from 400.000 Azerbaijani citizens living abroad, though there are different statistical data available, some of which is not verified, he said.

621.000 Azerbaijanis living in Russia have been registered by the population register of the Russian Statistical committee in 2002. 155.000 of them received Russian citizenship and 470.000 others only temporarily left the country but they all sending money to Azerbaijan. Considering this factor, only 400.000 are counted as dispatching cash back to the country.

According to the polls carried out by the national Labor organization, each Azerbaijani residing in Russia sends back in average $138 monthly. However, the state committee is counting with the consideration of 150$/ person.