Azerbaijan Finance Ministry Approved an Order on Printing Excise Marks

Business Materials 20 December 2006 15:06 (UTC +04:00)

The Azerbaijan Finance Ministry announced the winner of a tender on printing excise marks considered for tobacco and alcohol production. Lithuania Carsu Pasarlins became the winner of the tender. The second place was taken by Germany Giescke & Devirient, a source in the Finance Ministry told Trend. Totally three companies participated in the tender. The third company was Vaba Maa from Estonia.

The contract with the winner of the tender is expected to be signed either today or tomorrow.

According to the proposal put forward by Carsu Pasarlins, the order will be implemented for в'¬1,517,500 with the delivery period of 60 days and the banking guarantee of в'¬100,000. The second company - Giescke & Devirient put forward a proposal to implement the order for в'¬1,590,200 with the delivery period of 6-12 weeks and the banking guarantee of в'¬96,000. The last company - Vaba Maa's proposal was в'¬1814 thousand with the delivery period up to 90 days and the banking guarantee of в'¬100,000.

50 mln. excise marks are necessary to be printed to attach to the beer produced in the country, 15 mln. to the alcohol production produced in the country and imported from abroad, as well as 500 mln. excise marks to the tobacco production produced in the country.