Georgian Energy Minister and head of international gas corporation went to Azerbaijan

Oil&Gas Materials 25 January 2006 19:10

The Georgian Energy Minister Nika Gilauri and the head of the international gas corporation David Ingorokva went on Wednesday to Azerbaijan, which will be followed by their further visit to Iran, according to the Energy Ministry.

The goal of the visit is the commencement of negotiations on the Iranian gas import to Georgia through Azerbaijan, Trend reports. The volume of gas and its price is to be discussed with the Iranian side.

As it is known, the Iran Foreign Minister Motaki Manuchehr talked today with his Georgian counterpart Gela Beshuashvili and proposed to launch gas deliveries for the period of the energy crisis.

The supposed price of the Iranian gas for the Georgian market is 120 USD per 1000 cubic meters. It is 10 USD higher of the Russian gas price.

Georgia will possibly receive gas in barter and will pay to Iran by the electrical power, Prime-News reports.